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春“光”入校園 A Bright Spring Day at JGCS



On the 16th of April 2018, students in grade 6 of our MYP were treated to a a spectacular inquiry-based class by six members of the Optics Students Association of Nanjing University.


What on Earth is Light Exactly?


“What do you think of when I say the word “light”? Our visitors asked. They were in for a shock when some students gave the answer: “it’s a wave-particle duality”.


It seems as if our students really are reaping the benefits in both breadth and depth that come with international education.



What Kinds of Different Light Are There?



The main speaker at the event performed a number of experiments for us, in the process introducing a range of basic scientific principles including showing the light-giving material, silicon, showing the refraction, reflection, vibration, convergence and diffusion of light. The students watched intently, with interest writ upon their faces.




 Inquiry-Based Experiment: “Behold the Wonders of Light!”



 學會成員首先將模擬彩虹形成的裝置發給了孩子們,小家伙們拿到材料便迫不及待地觀察了起來,連連驚嘆原來彩虹就是光的折射現象呀!The kind people at OSANJU had brought along a number of apparatus that mimic the light of a rainbow. The students were itching to have a try for themselves, amazed to find out that a rainbow is simply the result of light refraction.



 在學會老師的帶領下,進行了偏振片的濾光實驗,光線穿過偏振片后,到達我們眼睛中則會呈現不同的顏色,孩子們通過旋轉偏振片的角度可以在完全透明的卡片上觀察到幾種不同的顏色,引得孩子們邊做邊感嘆:好神奇!Next up, the students did a filtration experiment used polaroids. As light passes through the polaroid, it alters the angle of the wave, therefore changing the colour. The students expressed their awe at being able to witness such a range of colours on an otherwise transparent object.

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 When placing materials of differing heat next to liquid crystal chip, the colour will change. The higher the temperature the more blue the light will become. When the students touch it, it will leave behind a warm blue colour. You could see some of the students heads moving as they exclaimed: “Oh, my LCD TV at home also does this!” Students could be seen competing to see whose hands are the warmest by producing the darkest shade of blue. The students when went on to experiment with different parts of their arms to see if it changed the effect.



 More Than Just Light - A Meaningful Experience for All


 Before we knew it, the event was drawing to a close, with the students reluctant to say goodbye to our guests.


 In this event our students had the chance to witness firsthand many natural phenomena related to the field of optics. Many students are looking forward to next opportunity to learn more about this fascinating topic. We also look forward to any future opportunities to work together withOSANJU. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their visit to our school and guiding them around the world of light.

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